Naresh mandal

N. Mandal: A Director with affinity for Societal Themes

N. Mandal is an Indian Film Director, Editor and Producer.  He is the Founder & Director of Shivaay Productions Pvt. Ltd. He is known for various social activities done throughout India.  During the start of his career, he has worked on many projects with Paresh Rawal Company.

Mr. Mandal has contributed in regional Maithili feature film; ‘Rakhi Ki Laaj’ as an Actor/Director. He has also worked in multiple tv show as post production like Teen Bahuraaniya, Jeevan Saathi, Laagi Tujshe Lagan etc. He contributed his skills to bring the indigenous culture back in Bihar and South India. He has made multiple short movies and documentaries based on Chhat Puja and the rituals of Kerala. These all creations has helped Mr. Mandal to gain the deserved limelight. He is also known for being an active social contributor. His short film; “Mukti Abhishhap Se” earned huge appreciation and the societal concept touched the audiences. Mr. Mandal is committed to bring the greater good of the society through his multiple works.

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