Longlist- The LIT Digital Awards 2021 Season 2

Longlist Announced for The LIT Digital Awards 2021 Season 2

The LIT Digital Awards 2021 Season 2, which started on 15th March 2021 with great pomp and show garnered a lot of attention from the literary fraternity. Authors from all over the country nominated their masterpieces with a lot of vigor. Poetry and Short-Story collections once again drew a lot of attention as it had done in the first season. The Award Show generated a lot of curiosity not just among the authors but also among the readers as all are eagerly waiting for the winning masterpieces which will satiate their creative soul. Once the nomination process got over, all masterpieces got under the hammer for evaluation by the honorable jury members. The LIT Digital Awards 2021 Season 2 comprised of Bhumika Ambwani, Ankit Jhamb, Anuradha Bhattacharyya and Shirsh Srivastava as the honorable jury members.

After the rigorous evaluation of all the masterpieces on various parameters, 20 literary creations crossed the first hurdle and got themselves adorned in the Longlist. It came as a pleasant surprise for the Season 2 as once again females have proved their mettle in the creative field by grabbing 14 spots out of the 20 spots. This surely speaks about the rising participation of females in the literary fraternity. Deepti Sharma surely deserves a special mention as she secured two spots with both her novel and Short-Story Collection; Litany of Woes and Fake Posh respectively. Poetry and Short Story Collection both equally grabbed 4 spots in the coveted list. Masterpieces with various literary genres like spiritual, erotica, thriller, mystery and contemporary have made to the list.

The complete list of the Longlisted Authors

 Author & Books

  1. The Ganges & Other Poems: Sathya Narayan
  2. Poetry Street: Hari Mishra
  3. Love, Ladies & Siyappa: Jiganshu Sharma
  4. Life In The Clock Tower Valley: Shakoor Rather
  5. A Canopy of Carnations: R. Radhika
  6. Manu: Darshan Desale
  7. Sadness Makes Me An Alien: Bijaya Sharma
  8. Blossoms & Foliages: Daisy Bala
  9. A Tiny Reason to Live: Shreyan Laha
  10. The Universe is Explosive: Sanjana Saksena
  11. Fallacy: Kushagra Mathur
  12. Mumbai Chaat: Nisha Kanwar
  13. Pixiedust Ink: Pearl Sudan
  14. My Mother’s Love: Rishika Chopra
  15. Six Inches Are Enough on Heels Not on Bed: Mehak Budhrani
  16. The Mystic Sinners: Proyashi Barua
  17. Litany of Woes: Deepti Sharma
  18. The Journey of Unexplored Love: Shalu Thakur
  19. The Veil of Disguise: Indira Guha Patra
  20. Fake Posh: Deepti Sharma

 Nitish Raj, Editor-in-Chief has congratulated all the authors and wishes them a successful literary journey which would help them creating such more meaningful works as it would help them to create a better society.

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