Arjun Awardee, Maakhan Singh Journey on Silver Screen

By The Literary Mirror

Image: Book | Prateek Sharma | K.Ranjan

At the time when Bollywood have been flooded with biopics, the initiative of the experimental producer, K. Ranjan along with the handsome wizard of literature that could be none other than Prateek Sharma is quite commendable. The star athelete who holds the reputation of even defeating the legendary Milkha Singh on the track brought a lot of accolades for his country. And its a sheer irony that the sportsman who brought honours to his nation lived a life in poverty. The heart-rending fact that his wife was compelled to sell the prestigious Arjuna Award to come out of the rotten hell. Mr. Sharma who is an avid writer and entrepreneur when got a chance to meet their family, his artistic heart got a thorough setback. He decided to bring the story of this star athlete in front of the world. The noble cause of Mr. Sharma got an able ally in the form of Mr. Ranjan who has been working in the B-Town from more than three decades. Apart from producing few films, he has produced more than 25 soap operas.

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