Acclaimed Poetess Dr. Manisha Yadava Nominated in Multiple Categories for Prestigious ICMDR Awards 2020

“Dr. Manisha Yadava has been the authoress of two best-selling poetry collections; ‘Mere Khayal’ and ‘Dariya-e-Ehsaas’ apart from co-authoring four anthologies.”


Manisha Yadava Being a poetess has always been an intellectual stimulus for an individual. Those quotient which are even unheard to our own heart, gets recognition in the form of those letters which are eager to come out of our ink owing to the perennial overflow of emotions. Indeed! Emotions are something which has ruled our heart since we step our foot in this mortal world. This world which might be a labyrinth for the mere mortals but poetic heart have always been a humdinger of the hay! And who could have deciphered better than  the mortal labyrinth better than the acclaimed poetess, Dr. Manisha Yadava.

A renaissance woman, Mrs. Yadava has donned multiple hats as a Motivational Speaker, Reiki Healer, Dowser,  Angels Card Reader apart from having very strong academic credentials. A Ph.D. in Economics, Dr. Yadava has been the authoress of two best-selling poetry collections; Mere Khayal and Dariya-e-Ehsaas apart from co-authoring four anthologies. At the time when people condemn of limited opportunity, she has been gracefully fulfilling the responsibilities of a woman as a proud mother of her two beautiful kids. Overcoming the stereotyping of language barrier, she has made her mark in poetry in her mother tongue I.e., Hindi. Not just she has been an affluent expert of language but also credits spirituality as the guiding force in her development.

The knowledge acquired from religious teachings have been quite evident in her writings and her writings have been widely loved all around the country. The love showered by the readers on her irrespective of boundaries has been duly recognized as she has been the recipient of multiple awards and accolades. Adjudged as the India Star Icon Award-2019 & Women of Influence Award-2019 apart from being ranked as Top 100 & Top 50 Authors in the country on numerous occasions.

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