My only motive was to revive this Forgotten Hero; Makhan Singh’s tale says noted Author Prateek Sharma

Indian Author Prateek Sharma has been an epitome of responsibilities and sensibilities. The handsome geek who is the proud CEO of a Film & Book Publishing House has came a long way from a corporate nerd in Concentrix. The Chandigarh based author has been actively working in the service of the literary fraternity in order to make a positive change in the society.”

By Nitish Raj, The Literary Mirror
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Q. What prompted you to write about such a legend yet understated athlete?

A. I got to know about this legend’s story in the year 2016. Fed up of failure and rejection from my work, I was constantly seeking for some hope to motivate myself. During those turbulent days, a news on my television screen caught my attention in which a lady is crying and requesting to buy his husband’s Arjuna Award so that she along with her family can clear their debts and live a peaceful life away from their heart-rending poverty. This particular thing struck my mind and I thought to dig further and know more about this person.

Q. Even though few athletes have made a mark, why still it is a game of either elites orpassionate?

A. Yep! Its true many athletes have made a mark and made their country proud. But since business have mixed up in the game, it has just became a platform for elites. It is becomingdifficult day by day for deserving people to grab the opportunity.

Q. What are those things which makes a fiction apart from a typical story?

A. Fictional stories are like a road without an end. It is just the world in your imagination. You can create it like anyway you want. Non-fictional stories are inspired by true events, you can’t create your own world but you have to find the road through this. You have to be very accuratewhile writing a non-fiction.

Prateek Sharma
Indian Author

Q. At the time when Romance and Thrillers are ruling the fiction world, why did you risked yourself with a story almost forgotten?

A. When I finally met Makhan Singh’s family and got to know more about this legend’s inspirational lifespan, I made up my mind in an instant to write his story.I never thought it was a risk as I never worked on this for business motive. My only motive was to revive this Forgotten Hero’s tale.

Q. What are those aspects of your novel which makes it different from other sportsthriller?

A. I haven’t this book to compare or to compete with any other big names. My motive was to just revive The Legend Makhan Singh through my words. It is a treasure of motivation. And the story of an Arjuna Awardee Athlete who even defeated Milkha Singh on tracks mad it different from any other.

Q. What would be your message to the budding authors?

A. I can see that many deserving authors are coming to light in this competitive field of literature. I just want to say that keep writing and write to express! Your words will be remembered by the readers so choose your words and stories wisely.The literary clubs are also doing a great job to promote some deserving talent in a right way.

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