Bindiya Pillai

You are amazing Amma

We remember every single moment,

of our childhood because,

You’ve turned ordinary situations,

into special moments,

You’ve always placed our needs,

ahead of yours,

And invested so much time,

in us while we were growing up!

Bindiya Pillai
Bindiya Pillai

You’ve handled every pressure,

with so much ease,

And always made everything so simple,

in spite of the hardships,

In every smile, every tear you’ve,

always been there supporting us,

You’ve taught us the value of living,

and being happy no matter what!


You still continue to inspire us,

to be kind and encourage others,

approach life, like it’s a great adventure,

I could just go on Amma,

but no matter how hard we try,

Or what we do, we could never,

put in words how much we love you.

And appreciate all that you do!


You’re truly one of the most,

kind-hearted, generous,

positive, strong-willed,

broadminded and

amazing person, on this planet!!


(A poem by my daughter Bindiya Pillai)


Bindiya Pillai is an Electronics Engineer but her passion for teaching was inherent in her. She did B.Ed later on and passed with distinction. Presently, teaching Physics and Maths (Senior Secondary) students of a well -known ICSE school. Her hobbies and interests span a wide array from music, food, movies, to dancing, cooking, swimming and gardening, She is passionate about whatever she does.

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