The Broken Ship

The Broken Ship

One dark night, five friends were travelling by train and everybody got sleep at the very same time the train increased its speed suddenly. On that pitch dark night it was raining cats and dogs, while the train was running straight, it started flying towards the sky. All passengers got scared as they fell from their respective seats. Speed of the train got increased itself to the speed of an airplane and kept on increasing and all the passengers started falling here and there. The train moved towards the sea at once and stopped beneath the surface of the sea. All the passengers got very much scared and were wandering in fear that what’s happening. A broken ship and an airplane was also laying there. On witnessing this I got scared and cried in fear, “Where am I? Is there anybody here?”. My friends were unconscious and all the passengers were dead. After witnessing such a sight, I started crying a lot. Then I saw a lovely girl passing by. I called her, ”Hey! lovely girl”! I started following her, there were lots of corpse were laying there. All of them were floating in the water. Bubbles of blood can be seen in the water too. My heart broke and wandered what’s happening here? Princess! Wait. I need to talk to you. The Princess stopped. On seeing her face I was shocked by her beauty. Her beauty was incomparable. She wore a gown of diamonds. On that gown sparkling bubbles of blood could be recognized easily, her hair was green, I got frightened on seeing that. That green-haired girl asked, “Who are you?”. “Aayan from Mumbai”! I replied. Who are you?, Aayan asked. I am Queen of the sea. “Please let me go, I want to go to my friends and parents.” I told in awe. “I will not let you go anywhere.”, the Queen of sea replied. “I am hungry, can I get something to eat?”, Aayan asked.

“Follow me”, she replied. Aayan followed the Queen of the sea. After sometime a castle studded with diamonds can be seen which washing in between a sea full of chocolates. On reaching Aayan jumped into the chocolates and drank a lot chocolates.“ I’m full.”, Aayan told. The castle of the queen was full of dark chocolates. The door was was like the cheese box. On seeing that vegetables of cheese popped up out of nowhere in Aayan’s mind. Guards opened the door on the queen’s order. A chariot made of diamonds came there to receive, queen sat on the chariot and ordered, “Aayan sit on the chariot”. Aayan sat on the chariot happily. He saw a pair of elephants were standing at each side of the door. Cheese horse were running near them, chocolate camels were walking on the other side. In the middle of that empire the queen and king of the sea were sitting in their non-colored glass castle. The train passengers were guarding them all around. I was not understanding anything for sometime but while I was going towards the castle on an elephant, a chocolatey horse came running towards me and started kicking me, a current similar to electric current was flowing through its legs. I fell unconscious in fear. Then a cheese elephant came to me and carried me inside the castle on its back. The queen of the sea came to me told, ”Wake up, Aayan”, “Son, wake up”! Queen took out her magical bracelet and spelt few mantra, a ray of light emerged from the bracelet and woke me up. When Aayan opened his eyes he found the Princess of standing in front of him. Aayan was laying in the castle of Princess of the sea. He was surprised on seeing the diamond castle and his eyes remained open wide. Fairy tales began to be remembered. “I want to go home”, Aayan told. “Which home? This is your home.” The Princess of sea replied. “No, I want to go to my mother, they would be waiting for me.”, Aayan told. “You have to do my work, after that you can go back to your home.” The Princess of sea replied. Aayan asked- Which work? Tell me fast. Princess- You have to search queen and king, after that I will let you go. Aayan- Who is the king, who is the queen, and why should I search them? Princess- I believe you can do this task. Aayan- Why are you bothering me? This task can be done by anyone. You got lots of guards in your empire, why don’t you tell them to this?

Princess- Guards of this empire can’t do this work. This can be done by the one who doesn’t belong to this world. I think you can do this well. Aayan- Alright! I’ll go but you have to come with me, I am not going anywhere alone. Princess- Sure! I’m coming with you. Princess went into her non-colored chamber. Lots of guards entered in that particular non-colored chamber and started preparing that princess. One was arranging her green hair. One was cleaning her diamond gown. As Aayan thudded to the ground , he found himself amidst the broken toy ship with opened eyes. The Broken Ship was a reality and a dream simultaneously!

About The Storyteller

A microbiologist by qualification and a storyteller by passion, Silisti Karuriya has marked her presence as a storyteller. The Chamde Ka Lutera fame had already created a niche for herself. Her innocence and sweetness in the thought-process has been vividly visible in her tales which touches the hearts of readers. The cuteness of characters in her stories reveals a soft side of humanity which has been her way of embarking the society to a greater good.

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