Some Have Less… Some Have More… No One Is Completely Empty

Twin brothers were separated just like in our Hindi movies. When they met up again as adults; one was a successful businessman and the other a poor clerk in an office. After they returned home, their wives asked them how their brother was.

The clerk explained, “My brother is the luckiest person as he was adopted by rich people. He has cars, lives in a bungalow, loads of money, travels first class, has thousands of workers under him and many offices all over the world. He lives the life that I can only dream of. Why was I so unlucky?? What did I do wrong to deserve this misfortune??

The other twin brother explained, “My brother is the healthiest person you have ever seen. He is more muscular than me. He has no ailments while I am infested with all the sicknesses possible because of tension and pressure at work. He has two beautiful kids and we have been trying for years. Why am I so unfortunate?? He has everything and I cannot buy all that he has…

We could have a lot, yet something is still missing. Are we going to lament  and be sad  about what is missing in our lives??? Or rejoice at the blessing we have. Each person we meet, we feel has more than us, is our own twin probably thinking the same about us??

Some have less, some have more, but none is empty. Perspectives make all the difference.


By: Bhavani Sundaram


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