Poem: Who is there in no where

Rasha Al-Hussaini, an Arts graduate by qualification has been a faculty at Al-Azhar University of Cairo. Her artistic quotient has been quite evident in the various forms of art which includes a novel, poetry collection and a poetic drama.

poetess, Egypt

Who is there in no where
Warrier, soldier and spear ,
Into my heart,
are you care?
Are you care?
my dear,
My dear,
Who is there in no where,
Leave your voice my near,
Winter, autumn or the sphere,
Watch your blooming in no where
But my heart is lonely here
In the sky your face my dear
Shining, brighting, I couldn’t bear,
Storm of love makes me scare,makes me wonder
Who is there in no where?
Tell my heart how could bear,
All your absence while you fare,
Is that fair or not fair?
My dear, my dear
I Can’t stop chasing my fate to your land of love and care,
Where you guard, there is no nightmare,
All that dreams you knits through our souls, could you share?
We will speak without the lips , are you care?
We will dreaming without sleep,
Do you want to try my dear?
But tell me how I could bear?
Who is there in no where,
Makes my heart to breathe his secnt in my air,
Usually he absents with my soul without saying to where,
he has gone to no where

Written by: Rasha-Al-Hussaini, Poetess, Egypt