Poem: When

Trandafir Simpetru is a prestigious literary figure both locally, in Romania as well internationally. He has been writing poetry since he was 14th years old and right now he has published over 32 books of poetry and novels, numerous collaborated anthologies, locally and internationally. He holds prestigious awards intrnationally and in Romania he holds the most important award called “The Union of Romanian Writers Prize”.

Trandafir Simpetru

Romanian Poet

whenyou’re coming trembling
while you’re approaching me with the nightingale smile
with the fear of the lightning from the heights,
when you’re stepping in my dreams on your knees,
when you’re begging and pleading,
whilemy indifference is broken towards the walls,
whenyour illusion is gone,
whenyour joy is cast away,
whenit has been given to you
thelife of the one who will be no more,
then… you are walking on the other pathway,
alone… the other one remains just here…

Written by: Trandafir Simpetru, Poet, Romania

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