Poem: Walker

Radmila Stankovic lives and works in Kucevo, Eastern Serbia. Her poetry has been presented in the former Yugoslavia and the Serbian Republic, Macedonia, and Bosnia included in many collections and anthologies, has been translated into English. She is the author of a poetry collection: “Wisely the beloved”,”The soul of a sigh”. She has published her five poems in a world-class book of poetry.

Radmila Stankovic
Poetess, Serbia

you go through life barefoot with open arms…
In the left pocket you are wearing all past lives and deaths,
In the right your wea hring faith, hope and love…
At the forehead, worries, sadness and a little of luck,
have left the memories of the bread you’ve tasted.
Youre walking barefoot and pushing the fist into the right pocket,
never touching the left. Youre going with hope and faith,
with the look that doesnt wander,
glumness because it shines without blinking,
anchored in the hidden lines of the path,in the hidden corners,
as you already know what’s coming.
Youre going barefoot, man, as the path do not have the end.
You are tightening in your being all overcoming fears,
all the bitterness of the past,
until they die there in the soul, until peace is born in you.
You have a shadow behind you,
you know when there is no sun, she is there, you can not walk from her.
You are still going, like there is no shadows,
and keep pushing hand into the right pocket,
there where you are wearing Faith, Hope and Love.

Written by: Radmila Stankovic, Serbia

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