Poem: Gravity

Ashraful Kabir is a Bangladeshi poet, literary critic and book reviewer wants to beautify the world with the touch of the poetry and literary works. He believes that poetry has the same tune and power to make the people come closer going beyond border-barrier. 2 (two) books on poetry of Ashraful Kabir have been published. His poetry and book reviews both in Bangla and English have been published in the daily newspapers, literary journals, magazines, and various literary websites in home and abroad. Ashraful Kabir has completed his graduation and post graduation in English and is a banker by profession. Mr. Kabir is an avid reader and likes to travel very much.

Ashraful Kabir, Poet, Bangladesh

Far, far going farther every day; and
While going, I concentrate on every moment
Of the changed currents,
Why does an invisible gravity pull the path so closer?

Turning around endlessly; and
From the proximity of the large eruption –
I loiter about back and forth.
After that, walking and walking on foot,
And being tired of running away and with a fiery sunshine
I stop my journey.

No, it’s not the end; it’s not the end of the journey
This is just the beginning of the story –
Occasionally that fades into a fog
Unexpected! Now and then
It smiles satirically.

Written by: Ashraful Kabir, Poet, Bangladesh

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