Poem: Agony of a girl

Manju (Mahi Rai), She belongs to Mangolpuri, a small colony in Delhi has a BA from Delhi University, an MA from Rajasthan and she is doing LLB right now.Along with studies, She loves writing, Ever since she started writting there has hardly been a day when she has not written anything. Although she started writing since 2015, she had made it an integral aspect of her life.

Poetess, India

am a girl from a country,

Where girls are said to entertain.

There is no value for the honor of the woman here,

The prices of the codi are sold by dignity.

There are wolves roaming around here,

Staring at ambushed girls.

Claimed the living thing – scrape through it,

Then the girl is set on fire,

they light it.

In this game of cruelty,

who are taking part actively,

You tell me where someone is able to stop their hair too.

There will be a lot of noise for four days,

And Kendall March will also be taken out.

Then silence will be like this,

Every person will be silenced.

Written by: Manju, Poetess, India