Poem : Love Is It…?

Indian Poetess Nidhi Bansal seeks recognition through her poetry & recitations on YouTube. For this homemaker, it all started off as a hobby, doing daily chores in the kitchen. Reading and writing her mind aloud declutters her life and makes her feel liberated from the clutches of worldly conventions. She takes open mic performances & stage programs seriously, paints, likes dancing and runs marathons beside other cool things. Nidhi has a knack of expressing her feelings through writtten words that in turn cultivates an impressive audience for her creations.”

Nidhi Bansal
Indian Poetess

She twitched the pallu of her saree
Restless you could say.
It was her first date…
Her friends teased her
They said she looked perfect.
A three and a half minute wait
Umm… seemed like eternity…
She clutched on to her nervousness
Freaking out with every passing second…
A slight tap on her shoulder
She shuddered
She tingled
She smiled a half smile
Adjusting her already in place pallu
Her bangles refused to stay in place
Jingled happily
Head nodded in silent affirmation
Anxiety playing truant
Clamoured excitment camouflaging
Itself on her innocent countenance
She hung on to every word he said
Interrupting occasionally
with hmm… and aahs..
One one pretext she burst into more than a smile
U have eyes like a dove
Soft and loving…
She shied away
It was divine
Never had she felt so important
So, loved…
So, warm…
She basked in the adulation he showered
Bathed in light
Light pristine
He held her hand
Ever so lightly
She curled her fingers
Soft but firm
He led her through lanes
By lanes
She followed meekly
Love nurturing in her barren
Incomplete life
They entered a tiny dingy room
Which smelt of previous night’s escapades
He gently made her sit…
She shrunk
Enveloped in thoughts of sweet lovemaking
He unwrapped her delicately
Entwining body and soul
She submitted
She revelled
She succumbed…
Finally falling into deep slumber
The warm rays fell on her face
She woke up with sweet love belongings
The night that was
The today it is
The future that will be…
Made an attempt to gather
the remnants of her modesty
She felt the bed strewn with stale flowers 
The ruffled bed
The empty bed
She gupled
Devoid of reasoning…
The door creaked
She wanted to smile
A smile of recognition…
Came a rude awakening…
A shrill detached voice of a woman
Shook her from her riviere.
Come on…
Empty the room
Time over.

LOVE is Blind
So is she..

Written by: Nidhi Bansal, India

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