Poem: In the season of pilgrimage

Rasha Al-Hussaini, an Arts graduate by qualification has been a faculty at Al-Azhar University of Cairo. Her artistic quotient has been quite evident in the various forms of art which includes a novel, poetry collection and a poetic drama.”

Rasha Al-Hussaini
Poetess From Egypt

My heart is missing your great house

On your hounrable holy land

From here I smill the scent 

Of musk in its dust and sand

Oh Allah call me to come

Give me a chance to cry to hymn

Descend me in your sacred place

To gain the forgiveness and purify

My heart to shine my face

My heart will run before my legs chase

Oh Allah I need your tenderness

Your mercy,your protection and forgiveness

I’m alone without you

I have lost ,who save me who?? 

Without your mercy

What can I do?? 

I was dreaming,but now I know, I know. 

I miss you ya Muhammad

Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you

Ya Habib Allah

Ya Nabi Allah

May Allah grant me your intercession

After my following your path, your mession

There is no God but Allah

And Muhammad is the messenger of Allah 

Labik ya Allah

Labik ya Allah

Assuplication of my heart

As a child during the moment of birth, 

Crying, scared from  the start, 

From this point,from this part, 

The earth was created

And  my sins must  not be repeated, 

I will do the best

Cause my life is my serious test, 

We run sometimes to stop, 

We go down thinking we are on the top, 

Who collects us from dust like the lop, 

Who guilds our souls to rise us to the top, 

The question is here, 

The answer still there, 

In the holy land of bakkah, 

The answer should be near, 

The answer will be near.

Written by: Rasha Al-Hussaini, Egypt