Dear Aayesha

Ayesha Ayesha Ayesha,

I know not where you are gone,

I know not what your life will be after this,

I know not how many more Ayesha

Are still gulping the similar torments,

I know not how many more

Are on the way to follow you.


But I know one thing that the man

Who ditched you must be asleep peacefully .

But the parents who raised you,

Must be hunted by nightmares,

Weeping and sobbing  and crying

For losing their gem.


Ayesha you must be a self dependent

Introvert never wanting to be a burden on parents.

I heartily appreciate rather applaud your character,

Because there are very few among us who

Dare not to trouble others .

But Ayesha I wish you had  a little more of self love,

I wish you had a pinch of love for your life too .


I salute your love for your husband,

For you handcuffed yourself to death to make him free.

But Ayesha you loved a wrong man.

There’s no harm in loving

But it’s dangerous to love a man who is not worthy of love

I wish your genuine love for this tyrant man had not

overpowered your love for your beloved parents.


Then you would have been alive

Among us laughing and dancing,

Gulnaaz Saif
Gulnaaz Saif

Happy and cheerful.

You must have honed the little skills in you

Worked and earned your bread and butter,

And lived a self sustained life

Full of respect and love                                                   

Love of parents , friends and the world,

And shown the world that you were

Worthy of the life granted to you,

For life is meant to be lived for the ones who love us

And death is never a solution to any of the tyrannies of life.


By: Gulnaaz Saif

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