Deepika Singh

Carving For Change!

Congratulations ! A Lakshmi is born,

Unhappy souls, anger filled in their veins.

Some happy multiplied with tensions.

Always alarmed for her security and for her marriage.

In cloud nine when a boy is born,

Ah! the sky is lighted with fire crackers.

She is always groomed for her groom,

Followed with rigorous training.

But do we groom our sons?

We just teach them to strike gold.

Huh ! The food plate of a groom is decorated with a chef, a maid, a mistress and a hostess.

A complete package, all in all in a single person.

And the food plate of a bride is  served with a bubble wrap husband.

She is considered as a robot,
To be always active 24*7.

We teach her how to build life and shape it.

Do we teach the same to our sons?

We update our passbook , our mobile,

But fail to update our thoughts.

Net result, mushroom like increase in molestation and divorce cases.

Protest march, laws for her is not durable,

Rather mindset should be reformed.

– Deepika Singh

Deepika Singh hails from Margherita-Assam , India. A teacher by profession; poetry is an undying passion for her. By profession she is a teacher. Through poetry she explore herself. Considering self-satisfaction as a vision for her; she loves to utter the unsaid words. Some of her work have got featured in national and international platforms too. She is also the first female from the Eastern India to make State and World Record in Rangoli. Through poetry she want to touch people’s soul.


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