Neha Chakravarthy

A Poem by Bestselling Poetess Neha Chakravarthy

Fill my cup with happiness

Fill my cup with hope

Fill my heart with love and fill our

Minds with peace.

Forgive us for our trespasses & absolve us from our sins.


Oh lord, Let your light shine upon this wretched Earth

Pull out folks out of the dark pit of eternal misery.


Oh lord, enlighten each one of us

For we are as innocent and vulnerable as little lambs

Never let us go astray

For you know we are your children

Guide us with the shaft of your holy word, otherwise we will fall into the treacherous trap of the devil


How ignorant and dumb humans have been Throughout the generations ?


The arrival shouldn’t go in vain

Oh Holy father, Humans struggling in the darkness and

Wages of sin. May your tabernacle shield Each one of us from all the bloody insinuations from evil doers.


Oh lord, Fill our hearts with kindness

Fill our lives with prosperity so that we would

Never cease to share our sacred fruit and blessings with

Everybody else in need.


May your kingdom come

May your divine will prevail

May the heavens deal bountifully with the sweetest and Modest of souls.

May your holiness Bestow upon the wise and

God fearing, the privilege of eternal life !


Note: This poem has been taken by the bestselling poetry collection; Impressions by Neha Chakravarthy.

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