Featured : The Day When Dream Meets Reality…

Nitin Sharma with his multiple attributes and a visionary thought-process has been a role model for the youngsters.

By Vikash Saxena, The Literary Mirror
Nitin Sharma

A small city of Rajasthan is Dholpur where Nitin Sharma was born. Nitin has brought his identity in light and has established himself as a role model for our young generation by penning down the books swathed in different flavors. Based on the complete description of atom; ‘Mystery Of Atom – A Closest Approach To Fermions’ which amazed everyone with its admiringly noticeable and intensive depth of the quantum universe. Atom was his first book which got launched on 23rd January, 2012. After Mystery of Atom, he tried to change the shade of his
recognition by taking a turn from writing a scientific book to a true love story based Musical Novel; ‘Mysterious 4:30 a.m. When It Happened’ which is an incredible work in itself.

Surprisingly, his talent doesn’t end with his writing skills. Adorned with multiple skills he is a gifted personality with colors ranging from Acting, Singing, Dancing, Public Speaking, Lyricist, Poetry and Story writing. Along with his team he researches a lot before writing any piece of literature and try to come up with a completely new and unique project every time. After spending his childhood days in his hometown, he has now finally settled in the Pink City; Jaipur with his family.

92.7 Big Fm has honored him by inviting him as a guest in their most famous show ‘Big Mehman’ and has covered five interviews with him including Ajmer, Kota, Gwalior, Udaipur and Jodhpur. Recently, he has also collaborated with ‘CARNIVAL CINEMAS’ for his next Novel, He has served some renowned institutes as a lecturer of chemistry and presently handling the pre foundation wing of one of the most reputed institutes for NEET as ‘Head Academics’. He is famous for his unique teaching style as he inspires and motivates his students towards their goal and is a phenomenal motivational speaker.  

His talent doesn’t end here. He has written some 20 songs so far and and has been the writer, Composer and Singer behind the songs of his debut Novel – Mysterious 4:30 A.M. His next Novel will also be a Musical Love story like the previous one which will include three songs and those again will be Written, Composed and sung by him only.

In 2018 he designed a project ‘Cosmovation – A tribute to Sir Stephen Hawking’ and tried to add one more feature of Public speaking to his figure. With more than 50 sessions, on the indefatigable journey of Sir Stephen Hawking, in the different CBSE schools of Jaipur city he made a record in itself which was appreciated by the media and Principals of the schools of Jaipur.

He didn’t stop here only. In 2019 he came up with an another project ‘KALAM – A tribute to ‘Shri Abdul Kalam sir‘ after conscientiously going through his autobiography ‘Wings of Fire’ and again went through a series of more than 50 sessions onShri Abdul Kalam sir’ and tried to give him a grand tribute by sharing his story to near about 15000 students.