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By Nitish Raj, The Literary Mirror
Mukesh Kumar Shahi
Indian Author

Who could ever forget those shy, self-dejected women from “A Thousand Splendid Suns” who were ever reluctant to talk about their basic needs? The women who had always been assigned the designation of a diety across cultures have always been an element of dejection. Even after we consider it not less than a feat to proclaim women a subject of respect, we hardly care their basic nuances of day to day. Undoubtedly the acclaimed storyteller Khaled Hosseini depicted the plight of women, it takes enough courage to talk something which is even considered tabboo for women.

As a matter of fact, still today even though we claim of being modern, a lot of imperative topics are considered tabboo in our society. And what could be more imperative for women than menstruation which has sadly been a prey of ignorance and lack of education? Going into the depth and intricacies of such a sensible aspect needs a sensitive heart with immense respect for women, and who could have done it better than the ever versatile; Mukesh Kumar Sahi in his highly-awaited masterpiece, “Period And Emotions”.

Menstruation which is generally known as Periods due to its natural cycle of 28 Days have been a part and parcel of a woman’s life since she hit puberty. Periods are said to be accompanied with emotional change in females which is a byproduct of bio-chemical changes. These changes are understable for a female but the changing perception of the males pinches them the most. Even today our patriarchy consider the women devoid of purity stage once she is in the state of periods. If patriarchy is not enough than the prevailing superstitions which has been described in length by Mr. Sahi acts as a silent torture for these emotionally depleted women.

Our dear country which boasts of being the next Superpower has still been unable to eradicate the diseased mentality which has brought hundreds of women to the brink of mortality. Even though we are accustomed to blame the men for any of the women’s depravity, Period And Emotions shed light on the nonsense customs which have blossomed like a ritual for women. Womens who have blended these bavardages without caring the consequences are just a victim of lack of education. Undoubtedly not all old are obsolete and Mr. Sahi goes to length in his research to bifurcate between truth and myth, superstitions and traditions, negligence and indulgence of family members which could help the women to attain a happy and hygienic life.

Book : Period And Emoticon

Isn’t it an irony that at the time when the world should be busy in headhunting women for the top-notch positions, we are trying to hunt those idiosyncrasies which are costing the lives of women? At such a precarious state, when there is a dire need to eradicate these fallacies, we would expect Mr. Sahi to come with such more masterpieces which can bring a true change in the society.

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