The acclaimed poetess, Manisha Yadava Live in IIT Jodhpur

Dr. Manisha Yadava has donned multiple hats as a Motivational Speaker, Reiki Healer, Dowser,  Angels Card Reader apart from having very strong academic credentials. A Ph.D. in Economics, Dr. Yadava has been the authoress of two best-selling poetry collections; Mere Khayal and Dariya-e-Ehsaas apart from co-authoring four anthologies. At the time when people condemn of limited offourtunity, she has been gracefully fulfilling the responsibilities of a woman as a proud mother of her two beautiful kids. Overcoming the stereotyping of language barrier, she has made her mark in poetry in her mother tongue I.e., Hindi. Not just she has been an affluent expert of language but also credits spirituality as the guiding force in her development.

By The Literary Mirror
Dr. Manisha Yadava
Book: Dariya-e-Ehsaas

Get immersed in the riveting emotions of love and affection with acclaimed poetess, Dr. Manisha Yadava at the Book Launch of the most loved poetry collection of 2019 that could be none other than Dariya-e-Ehsaas‘.

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