Swati Khatri- A Poetess in Love with Poetry

Swati Khatri, a woman of multiple attributes has made her literary portfolio as a writer, content creator, poet and storyteller. One of the most loved poet all across the country, Ms Khatri has authored two poetry collections; “Pebbles” and “Pebbles on Paper“. The self-made poetess belonging from New Delhi has embarked on various huddles before making a mark. The magic of words has always fascinated her even after having strong academic credentials adorned with multiple degrees which led to inking her expressions.

Swati Khatri
Swati Khatri

In the words of Ms Khatri, “I studied Fashion Retail Management from Pearl Academy of Fashion. And the way I entered this (writing) profession was something I never saw coming. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight, because the writing was always a hobby ever since my school days. But as any typical Indian family thought-process back then, my parents did want me to spend time with books, however not with the books which I loved but my textbooks. Despite that, I continued reading outside my curriculum, which laid the foundation for my writing hobby, and later passion and profession. I grew up and never thought I will even consider it as a career option though. But after I completed my post-graduation, I could not find a job. I was disheartened and thought it was the end of the world. During this unemployment phase, I was home and had a lot of time which I utilized to catch up with my long-lost habit and hobby of writing. I remember there was an opening with a local publication, and it was just a matter of chance that I went ahead and applied. That is where my professional journey started. Thank God I did not listen to my parents and left this hobby as a kid. I will say it was destiny that brought me here. It was as if I was born to do this.

Besides this what keeps me motivated is the nature of this profession. The best thing about my work is that it lets me share my art with an audience even though I am an introvert. Being a writer is a fascinating profession because it lets me perform in front of my audience and yet not be seen directly.

Swati Khatri1
Swati Khatri

Even without having a formal degree in Mass Communication or Journalism, Ms Khatri has worked as a Contributing Journalist for ‘The Tribune‘ and a couple of Radio Shows as an Announcer with the ‘All India Radio‘. Her witty side also came alive through her anecdotes that have been published with ‘Readers Digest India Magazine‘.
Undoubtedly writing is the first love of this miraculous poetess and she likes to express herself beautifully and swatikhatri.com is her space where she likes to explore this further.