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PACHYDERM TALES – A Literary Consultancy With a Difference

Pachyderm Tales is an established enterprise for Literary consultancy founded by Dr. Lakshmi Priya in the pandemic year of 2020. For such a young company, the milestones it has achieved, and the reach it has had on young writers is astounding, to say the least!

They’ve covered projects with writers from Asia, Africa and all the way to the European country of The Netherlands. Pachyderm Tales has successfully launched several incredible program partnered with remarkable associates, conducted several creative writing workshops, and helped publish more than a hundred books within the short span of a  year, with writers from  across the globe.

What Pachyderm Tales hopes to stand for, is a creative space & a home, for young and aspiring writers.

Every writer’s dream is to see their work on a bookshelf one day. This dream is promising, but also a mirage for many. Without proper guidance, a writer’s pen, can go from feeling like a magic quill to a strenuous burden. Dr. Lakshmi Priya (The Founder), being a well-established author herself, has gone through this burdensome phase. Through Pachyderm Tales, she hopes of making this dream easily achievable, and enjoyable for young writers.

The Jumbo clan, a strong team of innovative minds work behind the enterprise, to bring something new to the table every single time. While Dr. Lakshmi Priya concentrates on English and other regional languages, the other Director of Pachyderm Tales Ms. V. Uma focusses on the Tamil language and its projects. Writers are greeted with grand and refreshing new opportunities around every corner that they hardly ever run out of the creative ink! The Jumbo team are ever on their feet, to keep writers busy at their desks.

Pachyderm Tales helps writers discover and rediscover the joys of writing, without letting the burden of the publishing world drain them of their passion. It provides a credible platform, where every crumpled idea, at the corner of every writing desk, is given a chance to blossom into a masterpiece!

Pachyderm Tales now works on spreading its roots in many other countries, organizing new collaborations. Oman will be one of its first ventures in the Persian Gulf. Pachyderm Tales will be introducing its 1000k challenge, which provides publishing opportunities to students under the age of 18, to schools and colleges in Oman and other Gulf provinces through its partner in Oman, Ms. Divya Hariharan. Pachyderm Tales promises to its writers that other such exciting projects are in the offering.

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