Moderating Modernity: The Need of the Hour

Modernity’, the word superficially appears as an enabling enhancer. But of late transmuted into self-delusional myth, needs religious introspections and serious corrections!

By Manoj Kumar Sharma, India
Book : Mirrro @The Weird Wayward

Modernity as a word & practice came into existence in early 6th Century in its infant versions and picked up pace covering larger domains in all walks of life by 17th Century. Since then, modernity is ruling the hearts & brains of all walks of life & business. But unfortunately have helped less and misguided more.

Of late modernity, has driven the people, societies, leaders to raise the bar with higher relativities as a magical tool enabling excelling in respective aspirations where sky was the limit. And while adopting and practicing modernity, naively ignored the time-proven values inherited from predecessors. Unfortunately modernity was misunderstood as having highest possible possession of All-round Growth, Power, Richness and Invincibility!

History witnessed ample cases of rise & fall of many, out of directionless overdosed practices of modernity in the name of – Status Symbol, Self-Destructive science inventions and Power Hunger! And all that at the cost of knowingly ignoring the basics of life.

Needless to say that other living creatures (animals, birds, trees, etc.) maintained following unsaid rules of nature & time, and don’t opt for modernity until and unless influenced by mankind out of their vested interests. As a result they are still pure, similar as since their inception. Whereas mankind rose so high by all means, just to ensure falling into dire pitfalls – point of no returns.

Its pity that even in the 21st Century, we still don’t want to learn lessons from our past mistakes and ruthlessly rushing around for top for modernity, averse its essence. We could rate ourselves as modern, if can enrich all essential basic values at 3600 and if can transfer only positivities to the coming generations.

Of late modernity is misunderstood and inculcated as the other-way-round. Abusing democracy, exaggerated exhibition of status, obscene display of various art forms, insolent practices in day-to-day life, unruly expression of exasperation and such many more ill-notions been comprehensively been practiced and being transferred to the generations-to-come.

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Indian Author

It won’t be prudent to criticize or ignore, but joining the race of global modernity intrinsically not self-destructively should be our motto. So, what should be the true, meaningful & honest modernity, let’s not hesitate to introspect & to correct.

  1. People: If expect less & contribute more.
  2. Society: If sensitive, tolerant and accommodative.
  3. Government: If can be Loyal towards its people, by providing best quality of life without any partiality (Food, Clothing, Home,  Education, Health, Employment for every citizen).
  4. Education: Free Education for All without any Reservation System.
  5. Employment: Unemployment-less society without any reservation system.
  6. Health: Free Health Services for All.
  7. Abuse: If can make our society free from Child Abuse, Gender Abuse, Elderly Abuse, Substance Abuse, Law abuse, Religion Abuse, Cast Abuse.
  8. Mother Nature: If can respect Earth by preservation of Natural Resources and saving Earth from Pollution & Global Warming.
  9. Mother Nation: Selfless loyal love for Mother Nation, keeping intact the basics of our ancestral originality.
  10. Many More: By achieving Environment Friendly, Animals Friendly, Tree Friendly and Suicide less, Corruption less, War less, Crimeless, Cry less, Hatred less, Malnutrition less, Terrorism less, Epidemic less life for every one among 700+ Billion Population and many more….

At the same time, we should remember that “More Analysis makes Paralysis”.

Better, we shouldn’t ignore unwritten Laws of Nature & Time, and, make life modern for every Living & Non-Living with purity in absolute ideal way.

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