Live what you love, the practice itself unfolds creativity with in that space of art – Tejaswita Anant

Tejaswita Anant
Tejaswita Anant

Tejaswita Anant identifies herself with a rhythm in its various mediums of art. Sense of comprehension in music and dance engraved her learning while participating in workshops and performances for a long time. A commerce graduate who later mastered in English literature, despite being a banker with undying interests, carried her out to the arenas of performing arts whereby in 2015, initiated a journey with Bhopal based repertory named Vihaan Drama Works as a participant under Flamenco dance workshop in addition to a music workshop which continued with some Rang Sangeet (theatre music) presentations alongside taking part in dances and acting in plays which further raised her persuasion in rhythm and percussions over music pit.

Meanwhile a footstep of playing ‘Dholak’ for a show hereby gauged across to twenty-plus other percussive instruments as in Cajon, Djembe, Darbuka, Conga, Bongo, Tabla, Dubki, Drums, Timki, sambar, Nagada, Mandal, Taasha and so on in the past few years. Tejasvita’s range of percussion keeps on multiplying with each new production and every new challenge of playing versatile music or producing background sound effect for varied styles of dramatic. Besides being a formally untrained practitioner she could blissfully recognise her strength through theatre by sharing a self-reliant space in Vihaan, surrounded by devoted team spirit lead by guiding mentors who support oneself to seek for variform like dancing, singing, acting, composing music, writing, backstage management, property designing, crafting, critical thought of literature and culture and many more. Fortunately, together with above apprehension, she took hold of an opportunity to identify ‘Pakhawaj’ an instrument majorly played by males (world’s former percussion instrument) and received its learning as well. Leading at percussions in theatre and a band “Maargi” (a wing of Vihaan) at whose core is the creation of self-written, literary, or raw folk music through unique sounds with the combination of modern and traditional instruments provided her a spot to makeup experiments with diversified genres which facilitated great platforms as battles, along with greater possibilities to unfold creativity as well. Amidst theatre and music, she steals the chance to discover dance from all around, while practising ‘Odissi'(a classical dance form of Orissa) is another source of love for her as well as nurturing others with her self-taught skills and uplift her mystic approach of knowing the self through multiple arts.

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