Featured: A True Epitome of Iron Will & Immense Grit – Mohit Chauhan

The acclaimed poet Mohit Chauhan, has been a path-bearer for all those who complains
about the petty issues and expects pity in return.

By Ankush Bajpai, The Literary Mirror
Indian Poet Mohit Chauhan with Mr. Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi)

The difference in you is enough to make you quite different, and the 32 year old differently abled poet and writer Mohit Chauhan from New Delhi has been the true epitome. Born with an incurable and a near fatal disease called “Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”; Mr. Chauhan has never let his physical weakness come into the way of his literary enlightenment. Proving even the whole medical fraternity wrong, Mr. Chauhan is living his life to the fullest in contrary to what the white-collared professionals prophecy of just 12 years! Mr. Chauhan tell that DMD is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness due to the alterations of a protein called dystrophin that helps keep muscle cells intact. There are manytypes of muscular dystrophy but it is the most severe one.

Despite being bed-ridden for the past 32 years, nothing could ever devour his grit and determination to pen down his thoughts. As per the old saying, “Behind every successful man there is a woman”; Mr.Chauhan embarked on a poetic journey almost 3 years ago when a girl rang the bell of his poetic soul. He carved out his thoughts and feelings in the form of a book titled “Parwaaz – Ek Zakhmi Panchhi Ki”. The most notable thing feature here is that mohit wrote each and every word of his book on a cellphone as the disease has impacted his limbs to such an extent that they hardly showcase any locomotive function.

Book: PARWAAZ – Ek Zakhmi Panchhi Ki

His creation “Parwaaz – Ek Zakhmi Panchhi Ki”, comprises of poetry on various themes that reflect on life and unfolds all the emotions beautifully instilled in human nature by the Almighty. While one part of the book beautifully incarnates the true and pure form of love, motivation, courage; the other part brings out the harsh reality of relationships in the modern world, social stigmas, fear and shame.

The book unveiling was done by Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi; Shri Manish Sisodia along with some of the distinguished personalities of Hindi literature which includes; Dr. Prem Janmejai, Poet Mohit Chauhan with Mr. Manish Sisodia on his book launch at World Book Fair 2020. Harish Naval, Dr. Sangeeta Sharma Adhikari, Mrs. Sunita Shanu and Mr. Rannvijay Rao on 4th Jan 2020 at New Delhi World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan. Considering this disease as a boon for himself which is given only to special ones; Mr. Chauhan believes that it has given him wings to fly and courage to dream beyond every limitation. Mohit has been an active part of the poetry society and has attended various poetry events as and when possible despite facing all the physical challenges. Mohit attributes the credit of his achievements to his parents and his younger brother who has played a crucial role in Mohit’s success. As contrary to what people perceive that a routine life is a normal life, Mohit is living an extraordinary life and all thanks to his iron will and immense grit.

Mohit Chauhan and his family with Mr. Manish Sisodia

Being a firm believe in the popular saying; “What the mind can perceive, the hands can receive”; Mohit is creating niche for himself. His unparalleled devotion towards literature has led him to get featured in various digital and print media houses. Being a firm believer in humanity and graciousness of individuals along with, Never Say No attitude, Mr. Chauhan summarizes the philosophy of his life which he thinks can act as a message for anyone who is finding his morale down in just a few lines.

Gaaliyon ka shor ek din taaliyon mein badlega।
Tere hausslon ke aage pathar kya parvat bhi Pighlega।।
Mann apne tu ye dridh vishwaas rakh।
Dil mein tu apne thodi aas rakh।।

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