Featured: A professional career in writing coupled with over-imaginative mind worked as a perfect formula for debut authoress; Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy

Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy is a professional content writer at a Bangalore-based KPO that serves clients from all over the world. A management graduate, Dipnanda believes that passion drives creation. While doing ghost-writing for her clients, Dipnanda has often had a feeling of emptiness that has been constantly questioning her identity. With several accolades in her professional resume, Dipnanda is now destined to set up a real identity in the world of fiction as a leading romance writer. Her short stories in different genres have been published in a number of anthologies. Born and brought up in a liberal Bengali family that gave a lot of importance to education and literature, Dipnanda has always been encouraged to pursue a career of her choice. Married to a banker-turned-interior designer who has been her strongest critic, Dipnanda is constantly challenged to explore perspectives in different lights. She has a vision to write for those who dare to travel into unknown worlds and define their lives in unusual norms.

By Vikash Saxena, The Literary Mirror
Book: I Am In Love With A Sudh Desi Firangi

Dipnanda shared about her literature journey that “After serving as a professional content writer for 8 years or so, I started feeling like having an identity as a writer, not a nameless ghost writer who just works at the backend and helps businesses in drafting marketing messages. I have an over-imaginative mind and I can understand human emotions very well. So the writing prowess that I developed throughout my career as a content writer combined with the potential of my over-imaginative mind and created the perfect formula for me to start thinking of exploring the world of fiction. However, the real ‘junoon’ to write a novel sparked in me when someone in my professional sphere attributed my success and accolades to ‘sheer luck’. At that point of time, I became determined to rise above the level of a nameless ghost writer and prove my worth by capitalizing on my skills and writing for a larger audience.”

Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy
Indian Author

Dipnanda shared about her novel ‘I Am In Love With A Shudh Desi Firangi’ Jeeva is Shiva, Either as a ‘Nirakar’ (formless) entity or as the life energy in every living being, Shiva thrives in people’s consciousness. Shiva’s presence is not only felt in the chants and prayers of ascetics, but also in the common man’s household, in folklores. And in the hearts of every woman who aspires to see Shiva’s virtues in their husbands. This is the love story of 25-year old Kattyayni, who saw Shiva and His various ‘Gunas’ in a man. In a firangi, to be precise. Yes, you read it right. A brown-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned, 6-footer firangi, born from an American father and a Spanish mother.

Kattyayni, who grew up in a traditional Bengali family, has always felt fascinated about the sweet-cute-dutiful, passionate, and sometimes tragic Shiva-Parvati romance, the stories of which she has been hearing from her grandmother since the onset of adolescence. Deep in Kattyayni’s mind sits the Lord, spreading His aura throughout her conscious and subconscious mind. So when Kattyayni meets ‘Rudra’, the firangi who demonstrates a ‘shuddh desi’ way of life by embracing yoga, rudraksh, dhoti, khichdi, and his beloved ‘Shiva’, Kattyayni finds a deep connection with him. This is a connection that goes beyond the level of her heart to touch her soul, to a point where love becomes totally unconditional. She sees Neelkanth, Adiyogi, and Vaidyanath in the firangi. But at the same time, she feels a deep desire to know Rudra’s actual identity. Who is Rudra? Set in the mixed cultural backdrop of Goa and flavoured with the ethnic specialties of Kolkata, this romance will surely knock at the minds of those who are in love or looking to find true, selfless love.

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