Fatured: Shalini P. Sawkar launched her new book “Confession Of An IT Employee”

Shalini P. Sawkar is a writer from Bangalore, India. She is now a full time writer.

Book: Confession Of An IT Employee

Indian Author Shalini P. Sawkar launched her new book. Her novel Confessions Of An IT Employee has been published by Kalamos Literary Services and is available on Amazon. Having previously worked as a software engineer, she is now a full time writer. Her published works of fiction include: The Murder Of Jay Shekhar published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors, 2018 ‘The Code Of Conduct In Her Shoes’ in the anthology Born Too Soon, 2017 ‘The Witch Of Strawhorn’ in Fantasia Divinity Magazine, Issue 11, 2017. Her various articles on lifestyle, creativity and travel have been published by SheThePeople.TV and The Post India. She loves to travel and has visited parts of Europe, Japan, China, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore with her family. She has been awarded as one of the Top 100 Debut Authors Of India for her book The Murder Of Jay Shekhar.

Shalini P. Sawkar
Indian Author

Confessions Of An IT Employee” is a story of self discovery, passion and courage. It is a tale of four engineers battling the sluggishness of mundane routine, bosses from hell, endless traffic jams and matters of the heart.
A misunderstood employee, Sanchita, falls into depression when she constantly fails to impress her boss, parents and her boyfriend. What happens when her childhood dream of becoming a writer resurfaces?
Bhoomija is a village girl who loses her inhibitions to fit into the urban crowd. Does she find the love and acceptance she is seeking, or does it leave her with an identity crisis?
Behind his happy-go-lucky attitude, Nishant is a guy overshadowed by his successful siblings. He spends most of his time getting wasted in bars as he feels he has no talent. Who changes his game?
Alisha wants to move to the United States with her long-time boyfriend. But, fate has other plans. Can love and friendship survive in the corporate battle for ratings? Will they discover their hidden desires and have the courage to follow their passion?

#101 I took the job that everybody took.
#201 If a conference room is involved, it is bad news.
#301 Signing the bond—felt more like imprisonment and a lot less like employment. #401 Last year, the company reported revenue of 30 billion U.S. Dollars. And yet, what they’re paying us is not peanuts. It is the empty shell of the peanuts!
#501 Your colleagues are not your friends, they said. Were they right?

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