Educationist forming Karmic Connect through Music

An educationist by profession, Sandhya has always been passionate about performing arts. Right from her school days, she was an avid dancer and trained with the acclaimed dance maestro Shiamak Davar. Dance and music have always resonated with her and have formed a deep karmic connect. She has been an active theatre artist and has done couples of plays with Vivek Mansukhani, Madhu Sagar and Rashid Ansari.


She had also worked as a child model for Sunday Times for many years along with modelling for The Pioneer, Grihshobha. Her creative instinct had led her association with MGF Malls, Fever 104 & Cartoon Network.

Music has been a transformational source in Sandhya’s life helping her juggle the roles of a doting mother, a dedicated teacher and most of all a happy human being. A day in her life is typically managing responsibilities and rehearsing on her grand piano, the rehearsals usually lasting beyond midnight. Her dedication to music had made her more disciplined and full of resolve which has also been a source of inspiration during the pandemic.


Her love for music has also rubbed on to her son Shiv, who at the age of 13 year’s is an exceptional drum player. Enthused and inspired by his parents, Shiv practices playing the drums every day despite managing excellent school grades and does so with great elan.

Sandhya feels music has the ability to heal and nurture. It’s definitely something which needs to be felt by everyone.

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