The Dilemma of Desires

A civil engineer by profession and a poet by passion, Satyen Yadav has marked his name in the literary fraternity with his debut poetry collection, “Kirdaar”. After completing his engineering from MIT Aurangabad and Masters in Construction management from NICMAR Pune. Mr. Yadav has been serving the Construction industry for more than 15 years. The Poetic soul of Mr. Yadav is finally finding its base in Gurgaon where he currently resides and work in a reputed Real Estate Company

Satyen Yadav
Indian Author

Desire; maybe a small word for few, yet everyone carries it in their pious heart. The moment a new life enters this mortal world, desires sprout up inherently. Even though desires may vary from person to person but a person’s persona gets aptly reflected. Our dedication towards our near and dear ones reflect our selfless attitude towards the society. Such people even after attaining high status do not forget the basic etiquette of humanity for whom it can be very aptly said:


कुछ तो ख्वाहिश रही होगी बारिश की बूंदों की।
वरना आसमां तक जाकर ज़मीं पर आता कौन है।।

Could ever be any desperate desire than the patriotism itself? Sacrificing your life for your motherland is a privilege. The ‘Sahadat’ of a soldier for his country describes the passion for his country where he is ready to do anything and everything for the welfare of his people. The sacrifice of a soldier is not just his sacrifice but it’s the sacrifice of the immense love of his mother, desire of his wife along with the future of his children. This passion which demands utmost respect can be perhaps aptly presented in these few lines:


कमाल रहा होगा जुनून वतन पर मिटने वालो का।
वरना अपनो को भुलाकर देश पर ख़ून बहता कौन है।।
Book: Kirdaar

The dedication of a mother for her child where she subdue her own desires in order to have a smile on their face can never be measured in quantitative form. All praise showered on her would be always who even after being a woman never hesitate to confront the severe disasters even for the sake of her child. It would not be wrong to scribble these lines for the mothers who put everything at stake for the happiness of their children.


कितना ख़ास बनाया है क़ुदरत ने माँ को।
वरना अपनी जान दांव पे लगाकर नई जान लाता कौन हैं।।

World has been full of such examples who have put their comfort zone at stake in order to be of help to the needy and bereft. Their desire to be a factor which can uplift the society has let the fragrance of positivity in this world where negativity seems to prevail. Such great personalities deserves a special mention.


कुछ तो दीवानगी रही होगी महकते हुए गुलाबो की।
वरना काँटो में रहकर जहाँ को महकाता कौन हैं।।

Undoubtedly, these words seems a solace to the heart where people go an extra mile in order to be a helping hand to others. But the irony of this mortal world is that even today all other desires seems irrelevant in comparison to the desires of materialistic world. Even though we are accustomed with various pep-talks which undermine the importance of money. but even our basic needs are solely dependent on these pieces of papers.

All these talks seems irrelevant with a hungry stomach. And this world has been blessed with philanthropists who have shed their hard-earned money for the true upliftment of the poora who are struggling even to live a basic life. The desires of these great souls deserve their recognition.


कितना दरियादिली लिये घूम रहा होगा दानवीर।
वरना अपना सब कुछ दुसरो पर लुटाता कौन है।।

How much desires are dexterous in nature that it hardly cares others desires once its overshadows our humanly quotient? Had it not been the case, the rampant societal evils would have been a myth? Ironically, in spite of being a myth there are almost like a magical reality. Whether it be the economic inequality, child labour or prostitution it has been a blot on our society. How much it is heart-rending that certain people have to suppress their desires in order to fulfill someone’s evil desires. The agony of such desires can be perhaps just jolted in these lines:


किन संघर्षों से गुजरी होगी मज़बूर नारी।
वरना बेच कर अपना ज़िस्म कमाता कौन हैं।।

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