Rashi Roop Laxami

Have you ever wanted to Manifest your Quest in Life?

A question which ponders in our mind now and then and the answer lies in the book that brings you closer to your dreams and goals. It is not a composition, conjured up from any imagination. It is rather a beautifully crafted book that came from the author’s own experience. This book is an expression of the author’s own quintessential self-strung together, in words that resonates with your soul.

Rashi Roop Laxami, as a child, was as ordinary a kid as most of the ordinary ones ordinarily believe themselves to be. As any average student often rates oneself to be.  However, something came through. That something, we call, ‘awakening’. This awakening came to her once she realized the potential hidden deep within. She understood that there was a gap between where she was stuck and where her true potentials would catapult her, once manifested. Somehow it lay untapped. That miracle moment, called ‘awakening’ came to her like a lightning spark, all of a sudden, with her excelling and blooming in all faculties – her creative faculty, her intellectual faculty, her faculty of public speaking, dance and expression. Then she sat back to evaluate and to understand what exactly happened, that she was experiencing glory in every arena she ventured. And after that there was no looking back.

Rashi has a strong spiritual background, as she has been raised in an environment where the mind has been trained into tuning in with the vibrations of higher entities around. She has an innate sense of giving and helping people. Despite being a lawyer, she always had a spiritual calling for giving and immense urge for being there for people who needed her in their dire straits. A firm believer of being herself to be a medium to provide help to people who needed her in their grief. While connecting to the source, she started manifesting what she wanted for herself. She also started manifesting for people, who came to her, looking for manifestation. Rashi became an author to share her personal experience and the experiences that she gained in the process of helping people manifest in their lives.

When her clients and people around her sought her help in manifesting their dreams, she felt an urge to reach out to many more people who cannot directly reach her. So, the book, ‘Manifest Your Quest….’

Rashi Roop Laxami
Rashi Roop Laxami

manifested, somewhat involuntarily, to help people unravel that secret, that magic which leads one to manifestation of their dreams and goals. Even a cursory reading given to this book would make its reader learn that dreams aren’t mere figments of imagination to be discarded as forgettable lies. Even dreams come true, if only one has awakened one’s power to manifest them into reality.

Rashi has been endowed with these secrets as a child that she unconsciously reared and unknowingly manifested effortlessly, to everybody’s surprise, though not to her surprise. She excelled in whatever she did. She would master a faculty and excelled in it. Her parents and her family were in for a surprise, but none to her, as she always knew this was there as naturally as one’s breath, awareness of which seldom occurs. This is the art of manifestation. She knew she could do it. That’s why she did it.

Through the book Mrs. Rashi wishes to bring out a secret to the fore, for all those people, children and adults who do not believe in themselves. To rejuvenate those who think that they do not have that which they ever cherished as ‘talent’ difficult to attain. This book is for them. Because it is just a matter of realization. Just like that, it was an awakening for her. And she owes this awakening to her spiritual grooming.

In her pursuit for ambition and identification to become someone she became an intellectual property lawyer, working in a corporate world. But there was a strong calling to help people.  To reach out to other people as there are many who are in need of help and she was being inadvertently pulled toward that. For things that we know and even for things that we do not know. Because there is a bigger universe of knowledge which she channeled through the various techniques that she used, to help people. There is a larger purpose than what is visible to us. This universe and the power behind it, functions in   ways impossible to comprehend, much less to reason out logically. And she works as a medium to help people connect and channel that supreme energy, that universal knowledge and magic, through her. She helps people get closer to the materialization of their dreams and manifest their personal quest.

More and more people came to her and started sharing their experiences of how she has helped them and this inner calling became so undeniably strong that she started learning different modalities of helping people. She herself faced situations in life, not knowing how, but manifesting things for herself and her clients as well. She was able to unfold the magic and the secrets of manifestation.

Through this book ‘Manifest your Quest: The Power of You’; she wants to reach out to as many people as possible to help them manifest their quest in life. If you believe it, you can do it. This may sound as an oft’ Quoted line. This may again appear hackneyed to you but fact remains, ‘Our destiny is made by our own hands’. And only those who have the power to believe in themselves, can do it. This mind is not just a bundle of thoughts. It’s rather a marvelous gift of the power that empowers every bit that exists…. And this book is all about how to make it marvelous and use it for your purpose.

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