Uttarakhand Folk Literature and Youth

“The Kumaon of Uttarakhand attracts the lyrical genre of folk literature. Historically it is also believed that scriptures and Vedas were composed in Uttarakhand and the epic ‘Mahabharata’ was written. ‘Rishikesh’ Is widely considered the yoga capital of the world.”

By Vikash Saxena, India
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Literature which is called the mirror of society. Literature spreads the mold of transparency in the society and the sentiments that create confusion. Uttarakhand region has contributed to the language and definition of India since time immemorial. The literature nurtures a person’s personality, leads him to the right path. Uttarakhand which is also called ‘The Land Of Gods’. There is a close connection between the youth and literature of Uttarakhand. The mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. combined with literature, form the basis of a new positive and energetic thinking, that is, there is a different trend towards literature in Uttarakhand. In the city of Gods, the mind bathes in holy water and gives birth to a new creation. This is the result of cleanliness and natural love. Uttarakhand has many schools, colleges at primary and higher levels. Where as per rules the youth is made interesting towards literature.

Literature is presented to the youth in a very creative form.Folk literature is well accepted in Indian literature. Folk literature is that age-old literature, which is naturally derived from tradition. Which does not have one author, whom the whole world considers to be its own. Folk literature is oral literature. This type of oral literature is very popular in Uttarakhand as a folk tale. This literature is actually mass literature. In which direct experiences of life experiences and beliefs are found.

It is generally divided into three classes – poetry, champu (prose-verse) and prose. The nature, distortion and culture of the folk are openly reflected in the folk tales predominantly popular in prose genres.In ancient times there were no means of entertainment. The folk singers used to narrate folk songs to the villagers throughout the night. Malsai, Ramail, Jagar etc. are popular in this. Even in the present day folk songs are heard in the night wake. Loktokis, idioms and riddles (anan) are still in vogue in Uttarakhand’s folk literature.

Vikash Saxena

At present, young Uttarakhand is keen on literature. Young writers, poets etc. are emerging. Along with the national language Hindi, youth are also creating literature in Kumaoni and Garhwali, literary workshops and competitions are being organized at university and college level. Due to which the younger generation is serving literature at national and international level.

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