Book Review: We Will Be Together by Raju Gobble

Youngsters are those species of humanity who are considered happy as they are unaware of the worldly responsibilities. Ironically, they are on the verge of depression and melancholy usually created by their own set of tantrums. Those aspects which hardly have a place in the league of matures are imperative in their life.

What I Like The beautiful malgamation of the set of events which are completely relatable. The various thought-process which seems silly yet cute adds a charm to the story. The unpredictability of even the relatable events retain it’s entertainment quotient.

The influx of various other characters in the form of their friends makes it an interesting read. The characterisation of Ruhi, the protagonist along with Prithvi who is the integral aspect of the story makes it beautiful.

The narration of the story has been subtle. Even after picking the story from two different societal background doesn’t create a hassle. At times, it seems to lose its grip over the story but has managed to bind its readers with its impeccable storytelling.

The easy to use language has helped us to relate the teen characterisation. The use of slangs has made it more relatable. Error-free language has helped us to save us from the frustration of a badly edited book.

This romantic masterpiece has been able to stand apart from the existing crowd of romantic thrillers.Even the storyline is a little bit expected but fresh perspective and subtle writing makes it a must read!

Ashish Raj


Book Review by : Ashish Raj

Book : We Will Be Together

Author : Raju Gobble

Publisher : Leading Trails

Price : ₹150

Pages : 212

Rating : ☆☆☆☆4/5

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