The DOGtrine of Peace

The DOGtrine of Peace by Dr. Manjiri Prabhu is a Spiritual Journey

Book- The DOGtrine of Peace

Author- Dr. Manjiri Prabhu

Publisher- Readomania Publishing

Format- Paperback

Genre- New Age and Spirituality

Price- ₹330

Source- A signed copy received by the author at Crosswords Bookstore, Pune

Rating- *****

Reviewed by- Jyoti Jha


The mysteries of our existence can be revealed to us in enigmatic ways


I used to find it amusing when my younger sister in Mumbai would bring home street puppies, clean and bathe them, feed and replenish them, play with them, and then send them back happy, gleaming, and satiated! Over the years, spending sporadic blissful moments with a clan of six pet dogs overall in the family, and becoming proud pet parents of two charming bunnies (energy furballs who qualify as much as dogs and cats as pets); did I relate to the unflinchingly emotional connect my sister felt towards those street dogs and her own adorably cute three pet dogs.

I strongly believe that to connect with other natural forms on this planet and to consciously care about their coexistence makes living meaningful and prevents us from just hastily chasing an event called life. At this juncture, to have come across a spiritual guide like ‘The DOGtrine of Life’ could have only befriended me in my inherent belief and handhold me to newer aspects towards the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

The book is a sublime experience and an enriching journey, written by a person who needs no introduction. ‘The Indian Agatha Christie’ and a ‘match for Dan Brown’, Dr. Manjiri Prabhu is a literary celebrity who inspires multitudes and believes that ‘literature heals and is a prerequisite to a peaceful society’. Living by the mantra that ‘everything happens for a reason’, she strongly believes in ‘soul connections, Twin flames, and messages from the Universe’. After multiple remarkable literary contributions and masterpieces, ‘The DOGtrine of Peace’ is her yet another meaningful non-fiction for society and that clearly depicts her profound knowledge, practical understanding, and extensive research on the conscious idea to ‘spread the message of love, peace, harmony, co-existence, and compassion, keeping in mind the dog, man’s oldest and best friend as the source’.

The book is not a guide, it is not a handbook, it is not, by and large, a story; the book is a wonderful involvement for the readers that enlightens them towards the path of bringing change in themselves, within them, and around them. Divided into two parts where through personal anecdotes, incidents, stories, narratives, and interviews of renowned pet owners from different fields, the author undeniably depicts ‘Dog as a Loyal Friend’ and ‘Dog as a Spiritual Catalyst’ and intriguingly elucidates the ‘stages and sutras of the nine-fold DOGtrine of Peace’.

Be it the Facts, Claims, and Benefits, or the Heart-to-Heart connection. Whether it is a conversation with the expert Dr. Stanley Coren about Canine Behaviour, or the ideologies of multifaceted Dia Mirza about Dogs and the Planet, ‘the importance and urgency for us to co-exist with nature’. Whether it is the stories of Success and Love, or the insights of animal rights activist, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. Dr. Manjiri has brilliantly and successfully portrayed the essence of dogs for our well-being and our spiritual journey, and how dogs are not only our companions but also our healers and saviors. Through the excerpts of conversations with yoga gurus and Animal communicator, Dr. Manjiri has outlined the divine connection of yoga, spirituality, religion, cosmic association with our beloved friend Dog as the epicenter, and how all this leads to the ‘Sutras of DOGtrine of Peace’.

The fine and heartwarming references to the stories of Bobbie the Wonder Dog, Hachiko, Blue Cross, and many more, the author shows us ‘what a fascinating and incredible relationship we share with our dogs- a connection so deeply rooted in the heart and so spiritual that it surpasses time, distance, and even death’. The ‘signs and reaching out from beyond’ particularly feels fascinating where the parallels between the author, and Agatha Christie’s lives, unusual connect, and startling similarities emphasize the theory of cosmic connection and how the ‘Universe works in strange ways’.

There are several takeaways and multiple learnings from ‘The DOGtrine of Peace’. ‘In a world where human beings claim superiority and the right to survive above all’, this book definitely paves the way to a newer aspect of enlightenment and the message that leads us to take that first step towards good karma, help, and care for a ‘helpless, hungry and love-starved dog’. I would most certainly agree with the author that, “In the DOGtrine of Peace, where you serve, love, and care…A divine flash will surely shine on a path that both can share…”

A must-read for every Animal Lover and all Animal Non-Lovers.


About the Reviewer-

An HR-turned-Author, Jyoti Jha has been associated with corporates like Infosys and Whirlpool in the past. Having lived in the USA and UK for more than a decade, she embarked upon the journey of exploring the field of literature. A Literary Critic, Columnist, and an esteemed winner of ‘The Times of India Write India Season 3’, she has authored the books, ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’ and ‘Around The World Through My Lens.

Jyoti Jha, Reviewer
Jyoti Jha, Reviewer

A proud panelist and Guest Speaker in Talk Shows at prestigious institutions like IIM Lucknow, IIT Delhi, IIT Jammu, and Christ College, she has been featured in various esteemed media houses. She has been proud panelist for session ‘Influence of Literature on Bollywood’ with multifaceted actor Rahul Tomar, and has attended Talk Shows with RJ.

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