Buttons & Lace

Buttons & Lace: A Sly Dig on Human Trafficking

This is a difficult story to criticize, as I’m still trying to figure out what I have just read… Pearl the lead female character is a captive in human trafficking situation. Crow, the person is no one’s hero, but only once he threatened how much harm he will bring to her. This is an extremely dark read.

There are a few good and bad points in the book .

The Good ones

  • Crow is a very interesting unpredictable and a smart character. Though not as fleshed out, something about him reminds me of the ultimate alpha Barrons Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning with the almost same scary hotness.
  • Pearl, the female character was not a weak heroine which helped me continue the reading despite of so many scenes of the book that made me flinch.
  • I particularly liked the whole button episode that Crow planned.
  • The dynamic relationship between Pearl and Crow really intrigued me, and kept me invested.     
Dr. Nalli Ramya
Dr. Nalli Ramya


The Bad Ones

  • The beginning is almost chaotic and kind of surprising it didn’t end in a DNF.
  • The dialogue besides the two main characters Crow, and Pearl often had me laughing my sides out. It is over the top and carries no authenticity.
  • Where in world did Pearl an engineer, get these very Supergirl-spy thrillers fighting skills? She was taking down the trained security, stealing guns, and making excellent shots like it was kids play. Unrealistic totally.
  • There was lot of brutality in ways that did not work for me. Pearl’s previous boss, Bones was disgusting and a horrible master.
  • What kind of revenge plot is this?

My Final reviews

The first half of the book is chaotic but totally picked up by the end.

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