Your Roots Can Always Lead You Home- The Family Tree

I felt really overwhelmed after reading this book because when you finish a 520 pages long book without even skipping a word and you want to read more and more but sadly the book ended. The story is so much captivating and gripping that you feel connected with the characters, you cried when they cry, you felt happy when they are smiling or enjoying their little-little things. The way Ms Sairish defined each tiny detail about scenes and characters, how they thought, how they felt and how their family connected with each other so strongly and emotionally.

The Family Man
Book: The Family Man

The story revolves around a Pakistani family settled in Britain, Amjad; the single father of two kids, Saahil who is 10 years old and Zahra a newborn girl. As Amjad’s wife Neelam died and he got the responsibility of raising both the children and his Ammi also came for his help. Amjad’s friend Harun and his wife Meena also helped him a lot between job and children. Their son Ehsan and Saahil are their best of friends and they both have finished their graduation together and wanted to become a rich person. There are so many dreams which they wanted to achieve together but one terrible night changed all equations between them and both the families. I can’t write the whole story here so you have to read on your own to know more about them.

Sairish Hussain
Author: Sairish Hussain

Book is divided into three parts, first part was about their childhood and second part described Their university days and the third part was bit slow but till the time I had got so much attached with the characters and specifically Zahra who’s character was bit upfront and like today’s girls who puts her opinion strongly and knows how to express herself. She writes blogs on world crisis like Syria war etc.


Review By: Dipali Gupta


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