Book Review: Profound Thoughts by Kavitha Yarlagadda

Kavitha Yarlagadda is a Professional Civil Engineer and a Writer, poet and author by passion. She has been writing for the past 12 years, she’s also an avid reader and Environmentalist. She writes articles and essays and contributes to various online forums apart from writing books. She has written three E-Books and is currently working on her fourth book.

Book: Profound Thoughts

Profound Thoughts explores heart touching feelings which reflects the flavours of life, the madness of love, the value of time, racial discrimination, female infanticide, finding beauty in the most mundane things, different emotions, nature and femininity. Featuring sixty soul stirring poems arranged in alphabetical order that condemn abuse of nature, traverse different facets of our emotions, and touching on femininity and fitness. We can resonate with every poem, which reminds us of our daily routine which we otherwise tend to ignore caught up in the pressure of deadlines. The below poem Colour addresses the issue of racial discrimination which divides barriers between people deeply wounding them.

Sun breaking into dawn with its vivid colours of yellow and orange looked even more spectacular against the blue blanket of the sky. The never-ending stretch of blue water giving us a sense of calmness reminding us to slow down, live and experience each moment of our life.The green canopy of trees spread out swaying gently promising us everything we want from life. The brown sand, red mud and black soil all silently reminding us of our existence. The pitch blackness of those dark nights is dreary yet promises a brighter beginning. A young girl playing in the park slips and hurts herself, writhing in pain and her dress stained red with blood. The vibrant rainbow peeping through the passing clouds showing off its bright colours. Across borders all over the world the colours of nature are the same and will stay the same, and every person irrespective of caste, creed and colour will function similarly.

Kavitha Yarlagadda
Indian Author

Yet racial discrimination is extensively seen all over the world irrespective of any region, why is racism and colourism still so prevalent. Discrimination towards coloured people is a man-made barrier which we have created to satisfy the egos of certain people. When a DNA test cannot identify the race of a person, when filling a box doesn’t make much sense in identifying our race, then why is skin colour given more importance then the feelings of a person.

A woman may mother children of different colours but that doesn’t make her biased to a child of a colour over the other, for her, all her children are the same. Then why this craziness over colour? Why does the skin colour of people evoke favouritism or vice versa? Why are we so averse to the multitude of colours that pass through a kid’s face when he is bullied at school because of his colour? Racial discrimination is wearing a coloured mask and pretending not to see the harm and chaos we’re causing in an innocent person’s life preventing and denying him from dreaming about a colourful and successful future.

Book Review by Ankush Bajpai

Book: Profound Thoughts
Author: Kavitha Yarlagadda
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Price: ₹199
Pages: 34

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